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Ink Colour Change Guide

Ink Colour Change Guide

Do you want the same logo Screen Printed onto different coloured T-shirts? Sometimes that means an Ink Colour Change is required.

When we make a screen, think of it like an actual stencil of your logo.

The Screen is then loaded with ink of your choice and the squeegee comes across and pushes that ink through the stencil, and onto your garment.

If you want a split of Tee colours, it may mean that the ink needs to be changed to a different colour, eg. White ink onto black tees, and then Black ink onto white tees.

This is totally fine for most solid one-colour designs.

There is however a surcharge of $25+GST per screen for the manual process of changing Ink colours, that is added to the top of the final quote.

Image is One-Colour Basic Shape

In this example, the same screen is fine to colour change! As you can see, the end result looks the same, but the colours are simply flipped.

Image is One-Colour Complex Shape

As you can see, the effect is not so simple for drawing or illustrations.

Sometimes it will work, but sometimes it has the above result.

Lets say it looks like Image 1 on a black tee originally.

You want the the white version of the Tee to look like Image 2.

It will actually look like Image 3, if you simply do an ink colour change with the same screen.

You might be happy with that! But if you want the two Tees to look like Image 1 & 2, it would in fact be two separate screens.

Although the image "looks" the same, it requires two totally different stencils to achieve. And these would be then considered and priced as two seperate print runs.

Image is Two-Colour Print


This one is a bit more complicated!

Settle in to learn about Screen Printing, and it's fun technical issues.

Ref 1 - This is how your two colour logo looks if it was one a white tee.

Ref 2 & 3 - This is how we print the two components to achieve Ref 1.

You want to Ink Colour Change onto black?

It's not a simple colour change unfortunately.

Ref 1A - This is what you want to achieve with your ink colour change.

Ref 2A & 3A - This is how we print the two components to achieve Ref 1A.

Notice the difference?

Coloured inks (Ref 3A) require a white base underneath, or the result is poor.

Which is why Ref 2A has the white circle filled in too.

Therefore, each variation in this case will need different screen setups, and we can't simply change the Ink Colours in the first screens.

Hopefully this can help explain the process for Ink Colour Changes for you.

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