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Community Preorder Program

No upfront costs with our Community Preorder Program!


“Made ordering merchandise a breeze, with no upfront cost, the crew at Versus Merch are awesome to deal with from design to product, definitely be using again!!!”

  • Jay from Tooradin Tattoo


“Wonderful and supportive staff, great opportunity to get your merch out there without the stress of upfront costs. Thanks everyone at Versus Merch” 

  • Erin from La Belle Tattoo Studio

Want to sell merchandise without the up-front cost? Let us help.

• Heavily reduce your upfront costs
• Avoid up front guessing of sizes, and avoid dead stock
• Order only what youve sold, so you aren't losing money on unsold items.
• If you sell a lot, it can result in credits back to you!

Thanks to our Community Page program, we can host the sale of your item so you don’t have to worry about the admin side, or the dollars.

We know that setting up an online store, and getting started can be a tough process, so we're here to help. Brands have a dedicated following, and having a way for your following to support your business through representing your brand can be an untapped opportunity for many businesses. 

We have been working with brands and small businesses to help provide them some additional support, and the uptake from it has been incredible. You will be surprised by the interest that you will get just by sharing your community page with your network via social media regularly. 

What we will do for you to get started is set up a dedicated Landing page for your business on our website that you can use as your shop front, and herer members can view and purchase the items you want to sell.

Rob is our Community Pre-Order specialist who is available to help you with the process from start to finish.

How does it work?

What are you selling? Tees? Hats? Hoodies? Other promo items - or a combo maybe? The sky is the limit.

We simply load your items onto your own personalised sub-page on our webstore, and give you a direct link which you promote to your audience.

The link takes customers to your page and they can purchase the items for a preset amount of your choice, and the page charges them postage - you can also offer them a shipping discount code if they prefer to pick up from you when the printing is complete.

Once we determine what items you want to sell I’ll give you the cost for each item at the various quantity levels for isales, and you then tell us how much you want to add to the base costs as your profit margin for each item. We'll then help you to get the artwork all set up for you so it's ready to sell!

We leave the items on the store for a preorder period decided by you.
Once the preorder period closes, we will print the items sold. Please allow 5-10 business days for production.

A great idea we've found works well is offering a new ‘limited’ design every couple of months to keep your audience engaged and excited to be part of a limited run.

Using our community page means you don’t have to fork out cash upfront and remove the risk of getting stuck with leftover merch if it doesn't sell.

When it comes to shipping out orders to your customers we can ship all items all to you, along with the postage payment from each order so you can post yourself.

If you don't have the time to complete the shipping yourself, we also offer a shipping service to send orders directly to the customers from our warehouse for an additional fee. 

Want to see how it works? 

  • You want to sell a t-shirt with your design at $35 per unit.
  • We will keep (for example) $15 of each sale.
  • At the end of the preorder period, you sell 50 shirts. That leaves you with 50 x $20 = $1000. Plus the shipping money.
  • We can send you the profit and the items when complete, and you can dispatch to your customers.
  • OR, we can keep the shipping amount and a $3 handling fee per item, and send the items direct to each of your customers. 

Profit for you, without any of the hassle!

If you have any questions, simply email and we'll get the process started!

Important notes:

  • We do have a minimum of 25 items per design style, so if you sell less than 25 units in your preorder, you will need to add items to make up difference. A design style can be 15 tees and 10 hoodies, as long as the prints are the same.

  • Alternately you can order less that the minimum, but the charge per item will increase.

  • We will keep a predetermined dollar amount per item, and we will send you the balance via bank transfer.

  • We will send you the stock when complete, along with a list of the customers order and delivery details.

  • We will send you the profit and the postage charges in a lump sum so you are covered for the postage fees.

  • Prefer that we send the items to your customers? Let us know. We can do this at a small surcharge per item.

  • The amount Versus keeps from each sale will depend on production/supply cost of each item. This can vary depending on the item, the print colours, print locations etc.

  • Production time frame is approximately 5-10 business days from close of preorder period.

Click here to speak to our team about your pre order now!