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Custom Branded Disposable Cameras

Custom Branded Disposable Cameras

Create memories that last forever with your very own custom branded disposable cameras! 

We're teaming up with Film Never Die to bring you your very own custom branded digital cameras, as well as of the the developing and scanning that you need. 


Order your custom branded disposable cameras and we'll throw in the shipping, developing of your film, hi res scans of all image, and preparing your negatives. 

Production turnaround time: Approximately 15 business days.

Price List

Pricing below includes custom camera, film development, and hi res scans

5 cameras for $295+GST 
10 cameras for $530+GST 
25+ cameras for $1175+GST 
+ $50+GST design fee for all orders

Camera Type: Single Use Camera
Film Type: Colour Negative
Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 400
Exposures: 27
Development Process: C-41
Flash: Within 3 Meters

Whether it's for an event, a party, a team day, or anything in between, these cameras are great value and developed by one of Melbournes top photography teams

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