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Events and Exhibitions

We have worked on some very big events. We mean BIG big, like 10,000 plus attendees or participants kinda of big.

We've found some trending patterns - and that is that event managers or organisers often have the same issues.

1 - They leave it to the last minute and pay more than they should be! 

2 - They  go to lots of different sources for their supplies, rather than using a one stop shop - Like VERSUS MERCH!

Staff turnaround tends to be high on big events, so by the time the next years event rolls around, organisers have to start from scratch.

Do you have an event, festival, or even an exhibiton coming up for your business?

We can consult you and provide packages for all of your needs. And you wouldn't have to worry about several sources! We can manage the lot. 


- Giveaway items to promote your brand - Pens, Keyrings, Fidget Spinners, Mugs, Cups, Tote Bags, Lanyards, you name it! Custom ideas? We got it.
- Paper printing for flyers, business cards, posters and more.
- Booth banners, as well as marquees, media wall printing, and anything you need to put your name up in lights.
- Uniforms or giveaway garments! Tees, Hoodies, Jackets, Hats, Caps, Beanies, anything you need.
Chat to us about your requirements and we can outfit your booth and stand from top to bottom. 


- Banners, flags and displays of all kinds to enclose your event, guide your attendees, and promote sponsors and artists.
- All paper printing you may require, as well as signange, corflute, you name it.
- Merchandise or uniforms for staff, entrants, etc.  Make sure everyone looks the part!
- Specialty items like headlamps, giveaway items, hats and caps, lanyards, drink bottles, tote bags, and more.

 We can go through everything you need, as well as help you think of additional items you may not have thought of.
And we can bundle the package price up to save you dollars, so you can make more money of your event!

Although our turnaround times are very good, we can save you significant amounts of additional spend if you start planning early.

Get in touch HERE and began the conversation with us.