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Full Circle: Monash City Council

You may not be entirely aware that Versus Merch doesn't just look after bands, pubs, gyms, breweries, and street wear brands. We also specialise in providing our services to one of our neighbouring City Councils, Monash!

What could Versus Merch possible do for Monash City Council!?

Well, read on and find out!

When Melbourne began to open up after the first major COVID lockdown we began to see how the hospitality industry was adapting to the new restrictions they were obliged to adhere to. Where possible, many took to the streets, not in protest of course, but with seats, tables, and some fairly extravagant constructions to shelter patrons from the elements. In some cases, bollards were put in place to protect revellers from road hazards.

Unfortunately, the aesthetic was more akin to a post-apocalyptic zombie fest than a welcoming establishment of food and drink. The solution? Vinyl wrapping. We wrapped those bollards with heavy duty vinyl capable of withstanding the elements with designs from local artists to spruce up the neighbourhood. And we reckon they've done the trick!

But that's not all, whilst we're on the theme of COVID restrictions, masks became a staple in majority of working environments and for a time all public places.  So of course, we provided fitted face masks that met the requirements of the public health orders. And before you ask... yes, they were even branded!

To top it all off we provided heavy duty Monash City Council magnetic logos for all their fleet vehicles. So, when we say we can put your logo on anything, we really mean it!

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