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Help Support our Community

Did you have to cease trading due to COVID-19?


We have an idea to help you gain additional revenue from your existing customer base, without any up front payments!

We now have a section on our webpage to Help support our Community!

Click here to contact us and get started... or read in detail below:

We can host the sale of a t-shirt (or another item) on behalf of your business, band or club, and your customer/support circles can buy online using Credit/Debit or Afterpay!

After a pre-determined pre-order timeframe, we will print your merch for you and either: 

  1. Send the item out to your buyers individually for you, or

  2. Send you the lot and you can distribute how you see fit.

How will it work?

  1. Choose an item and tell us a design you’d like.

  2. Determine how much you would like to sell each shirt for.

  3. We will tell you the cost per item wholesale, so you can determine how much profit will be paid to you.

  4. Decide if you want us to send you the whole lot for your own distribution, or if you want us to distribute for you. The latter has a $3 handling fee per item.

  5. We upload the item for sale on our website.

  6. You share the item link and promote with your audience.

  7. Your audience purchases until your close date of choice.

  8. Once it closes we send you (or the buyers) their item.

  9. We send you the balance of payment! This will be in the form of an invoice from YOU to US, which we will pay.


There is a minimum of 25 units needed for the total final order.

If you presell less than that, the cost of each item will go up to cover our costs.

If we send items individually on your behalf, we will take a further $3 per item.

Production timeframe will be approximately 10 business days from the close of preorder period.

If you are interested, let us know and we can give you a detailed breakdown. 

An example

Lets say your t-shirt is:

  • Printed on an AS Colour Block tee.
  • Has a one colour print on front only.
  • We send the order out to you to distribute (assuming you are in Melbourne - but we can ship Aus-wide)
  • You presell 100 units.
  • Customers pay $30 per tee to our webpage.

That order would normally cost you $1138+GST if you were to place a standard order with us.  

In this arrangement, we would pay you $1590+GST (This is the amount you would invoice us for).

Don’t forget, you can charge more per t-shirt if you wish!

Which would increase your profit at the end.

Please note - the above example, is an example only - we can print whatever colours and locations you want. Talk to us to discuss a game plan.

You do nothing, but promote the sale to your customer base!

Click here to contact us and get started