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Off Field Supporter Gear

Is there someone you're forgetting when ordering gear for your sporting team?

Off Field Merchandise!

It's time to think about your supporters and other off field personnel that need gear to represent your team everywhere they go!

Versus Merch are the best in the business when it comes to decking out your fan base with knitted scarves, pom pom beanies, tee shirts, hoodies, jerseys, jackets, and more!

The classic footy style knitted scarf that everyone knows and loves. Complete with tassels and optional patches this scarf is the real deal if you want the authentic look for your supporters and team off the field!


Pricing for Garment with Front Print

100+ Scarves: $20.45 ea.
250+ Scarves: $18.55 ea.
500+ Scarves: $17.45 ea.

Add a Patches to your Scarf for $1.50 per location

All Prices AUD + GST

Stand out from the crowd with one of our best sellers, the pom pom beanie. Supplied with or without an embroidered front patch you are guaranteed to turn heads whilst keeping yours toasty warm!

Price includes complete custom stitch and logo embroidery on front of the cuff.
25-49 Beanies: $19.50 ea.
50-99 Beanies: $16.50 ea.
100-249 Beanies: $13.90 ea.
250499 Beanies: $11.90 ea.
500-999 Beanies: $8.90 ea.
1000+ Beanies: $7.90 ea.
All Prices AUD + GST.

One of THE most popular items for supporter wear are HATS! So, it's an absolute no brainer to deck your team and supporters out in the best hats in Aus so they can can rep your club everywhere! We offer a variety of styles to suit the look you're after, check out the AS Colour range HERE and choose your decorating option below.


Pricing for Garment with Front Print

1-4 Hats: $29 ea.
5-9 Hats: $25 ea.
10-24 Hats: $16 ea.
25-49 Hats: $14.50 ea.
50-99 Hats: $13.50 ea.
100+ Hats: $12.50 ea.

Upgrade to a square/rectangle printed patch for $2.50 extra per cap.

Upgrade to direct embroidery for $3 extra per cap (for 10+ units only).

Upgrade to an embroidered patch for $4.50 extra per cap (for 50+ units only).

All Prices $AUD + GST

If you want everyone to know you're kind of a big deal then the varsity jacket is for you! Available in a variety of colours this soft fleecy, snap button jacket is the perfect addition to any team's support wear!


Pricing for Garment with Front Print

1-9 Jackets: $95.00 ea. (Additional Print $7.90)
10-24 Jackets: $85 ea. (Additional Print $5.90)
25-49 Jackets: $74 ea. (Additional Print $3.90)
50-99 Jackets: $65 ea. (Additional Print $2.90)
100 -249 Jackets: $59 ea. (Additional Print $2.40)

Upgrade to Embroidery (Left Breast) for Additional $5 ea. (10+ Units ONLY)

Want a back embroidery? Get in touch for a quote as price varies with design.

All Prices $AUD + GST.

The AS Colour Staple Tee is THE most popular tee in Australia offering the best quality/price balance!


Pricing for Garment with Front Print

Upgrade to 2 to 4 colour prints - add $0.75 per print.
Upgrade to a full colour print - add $2.90 per print.

1-9 Shirts: $27.45 ea. (Additional Print $7.90)
10-24 Shirts: $19.95 ea. (Additional Print $5.90)
25-49 Shirts: $16.95 ea. (Additional Print $3.90)
50+ Shirts: $15.95 ea. (Additional Print $2.90)

Need more? Let us know and we can quote

Save $2 per unit by using a Gildan 64000 Softstyle Tee SEE HERE
Save $0.50 per unit by switching to the AS Colour Block Tee SEE HERE
Save $1 per unit by switching to the AS Colour Basic Tee SEE HERE

All Prices $AUD + GST



Pricing for Garment with Front Print

1-9 Polos: $31.00 ea. (Additional Print $7.90)
10-24 Polos: $26 ea. (Addition Print $5.90)
25-49 Polos: $18.90 ea. (Addition Print $3.90)
50+ Polos: $17.90 ea. (Addition Print $2.90)

Upgrade to Embroidery for $3.00 per Shirt. (Smaller Logos ONLY 25+ Shirts)

Want a back embroidery? Get in touch for a quote as price varies with design.

All Prices $AUD + GST



AS Colour Supply Hood
A regular weight hoodie that's light on the wallet complete with raglan cut sleeves and kangaroo pockets.
Don't compromise on style or quality with a more budget friendly option!

Pricing for Garment with Front Print

1-9 Hoodies: $43.45 ea. (Additional Print $7.90)
10-24 Hoodies: $35.95 ea. (Additional Print $5.90)
25-49 Hoodies: $32.95 ea. (Additional Print $3.90)
50+ Hoodies: $31.95 ea. (Additional Print $2.90)

All Prices $AUD + GST

AS Colour Stencil Hood
This regular fit, heavy weight hoodie recently turned 15 years old and is one of AS Colour's most popular garments. Featuring inset sleeves with the classic kanga pocket this premium option is the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Pricing for Garment with Front Print

1-9 Hoodie: $51.45 ea. (Additional Print $7.90)
10-24 Hoodies: $43.95 ea. (Additional Print $5.90)
25-49 Hoodies: $40.95 ea. (Additional Print $3.90)
50+ Hoodies: $39.95 ea. (Additional Print $2.90)

All prices AUD + GST



Available in unisex, women's, and kids sizing, 4 different collar styles, cool pass or large mesh options, and fully sublimated design with custom names and numbers. 

10 Jersey and Short Combos: $70 ea. 


Made from lightweight cool pass mesh these jerseys come withy an option of 4 different colours along with a fully sublimated print with custom names and numbers!

10 Jerseys: $36 ea. 


Similar to the soccer jersey but with an added collar and a more relaxed fit. 

10 Jerseys: $38 ea.