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'Screen Print' versus 'VS Print'

As the Versus Merch team continues to explore new and innovative ways to help our clients get the best possible result, for the best price, on across all of their printing projects, we wanted to take the time to walk through some of our most popular printing methods to better educate you on them. 

This will help you to continue to make the best decision when it comes to printing on your projects, resulting in high quality applications, and the best value for money. 

Don't worry, whenever you work with Versus Merch our team of Merchandise Specialists will guide you through the entire process to help you find the best printing option for you and your project.

At Versus Merch, our two most popular print methods are 'Screen Printing' and 'VS Prints'. Here's a little more info on what each of these methods entail: 

What is a Screen Print?

A Screen Print is produced using the manual application of ink over a screen onto a garment. This manual process is repeated for each colour in your design, and then heat treated to ensure that the print is set in place and will last. 

What is a VS Print?

A VS Print is a complete design with all colours and elements applied directly to the garment using a single pressing process. This process ensures a very high quality, clear and vibrant print every single time and results in a faster production timeframe. 

As with all printing applications, there are advantages and disadvantages of using 'Screen Prints' and 'VS Prints'. To help you understand some of the key elements that will help you make an informed decision around your next print project, here are some pros and cons for each print method: 

Screenprint Pros and Cons


  • Cost saving for large size prints and high volume projects (100+ items)
  • A known and proven method for printing


  • Prints can crack or fade over an extended period of time
  • Prints can have minor imperfections due to manual process
  • Prints can feel heavier to wear due to ink thickness
  • There is 1 setup fee per colour to create screens for printing
  • Turnaround times are slower due to the printing process

VS Print Pros and Cons


  • Cost savings for small size prints, low volumes and high number of colours in a print.
  • The end print is lighter and more comfortable to wear
  • Prints are more consistent and clear when complete
  • Prints can be applied to a range of products, not just t-shirts and hoodies etc
  • There's only 1 setup fee per image regardless of the number of colours
  • The turnaround time is much faster than screen printing


  • Prints can peel or fade over extended period of time

When speaking with the Versus Merch team about your next project, feel free to ask them about your print method and the range of options available for you to choose from so that we can make sure you get the best quality print, and value for money!