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Screen Printing

Here at Versus Merch, we can offer expert advice in everything relating to screen printing.

We can do small runs right through to thousands of items - and we love taking care of individual projects right through to large business and events.

Our screens can print onto tees, hoodies, jumpers, pants, shorts, tote bags, tea towels, you name it.

If you have an item we can’t print directly onto, we have different printing methods to recommend as well - so we will find a way to print your logo onto anything.

We offer any brand you may want for your blanks - or we can recommend favourites.

We've got some examples for you to check out. These are the most popular combos, but certainly not the limit of what we can achieve.

STEP 1 - What item do you want to print on?

T-Shirts? Hoodies? Polo Shirts? Jumpers? We have thousands of options, but to make it easier, give us an idea an we can recommend the best value and quality.

We will continue to add options to the pricing below, but rest assured, we can source any style item you want.

Click here to see some of the popular options and prices

STEP 2 - Setup fees

The first time you print a design with us, there is film that is needed to be printed, to then expose your image to a screen.

This screen is then used to apply the ink to your garments.

This is a one time only fee! Some places charge you when you do a repeat print down the track, but we do not.

You are not charged a repeat setup fee with us!

STEP 3 - Print pricing

The pricing depends on quantity per print. The more you get, the cheaper!
Wholesale pricing starts at 25+ units.

Click here to see info about T-Shirts with Screen Printing

Click here to see info about Hoodies with Screen Printing

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Want to know more about the technical side of Screen Printing?

Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions, and our guides.

Click here to learn about Print Placement 

Click here to learn about Ink Colour Changes

Click here to learn about why we sometimes need Base Prints

There are a lot of variables! A basic guide if you need quote

Price per Garment (blank):

Click here to see the pricing for our most popular blanks

Printing Price 

Setup fees:
$65 +GST Setup fee for film/screen per colour and location

These are ONE TIME fees to put your image on screen and we do not charge for repeat setups when you need another run of the same prints.

and then add:

1 Colour print per location:
1 to 9 units at $13.43 per print
10-24 units at $8.28 per print
25-49 units at $6.26 per print
50-99 units at $4.53 per print
100-249 units at $3.45 per print
250-499 units at $2.29 per print
500+ units at $2.03 per print
1000+ units at $1.60 per print

Longsleeve prints - 10% extra per print
Specialty print placements - $0.50 per print
Specialty inks (metallics, polyinks, etc) 10% surcharge
Oversized prints - $1.50 extra per print

Need more colour per print? Need higher quantities? Talk to us!

View the catalogues below for some of our favourite brands:

IF YOU NEED OUR RECOMMENDATION JUST ASK - Tell us the item you want (Let's say a standard tee, or a Pullover hooded jumper) and we will immediately be able to make a recommendation based on popularity.
OTHERWISE - browse some of these catalogues: 

AS Colour - Australias number one. Favourites are the Block and Staple tee, and the Supply or Stencil hoods. 
Gildan - The classic go-to for promotions and bands - but they have something for everyone.
Alstyle - Classic favourite for skate companies.
Anvil - Good alternative ranges for harder to find options.
Ramo - Good alternative ranges for harder to find options.
JB's Wear - The number one option for uniforms and workwear.
Biz Collection - Premium sporting and office options.
Winning Spirit - High quality and budget options for all uses.
American Apparel  - trendy options if you are chasing a name brand.

Not listed? Let us know - because there are many many more. These are just some favourites.

We'll be able to recommend the perfect quality items to suit your budget.

Contact Us for more information.



We technically have no minimum, but any quantity under 25 units is classed as a “sample” run and is priced accordingly.



Setup fees are a one time only fee so we can take your image, expose it to the emulsion on a screen, and create the stencil required to print your image.

We need to create seperate screens per colour, and some times there are specialty fabrics (like polyester, nylon, or elastane) that require specialty bases to ensure your image does not discolour.



We generally estimate 10 to 14 business days for your prints to be completed and dispatched, from the date of payment and mockup job sheet approval. Rush job? Enquire with us, because we will always try to help you out - but some jobs may require the crew to stay after hours to complete, so we may add a 20% rush fee - but if we can avoid that, we will. Please note, we use a series of couriers and postal companies, but we are not responsible for their time frames! But we have plenty of advice around this.



Obviously we can provide Screen Printed items - but we also offer Transfer Printing and application, and Digital Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) for those specialty hard to reach, or high colour prints.


We generally use and recommend Plastisol ink as a our first and most popular choice. Perfect for the majority of print jobs and is long lasting and vibrant. We can colour match Pantone PMS and Spot Colours, or we can recommend inks colour for your print run. Pantone Solid Coated colour systems are great to ensure we match your branding.

We can offer water based ink as well, which is great for lighter coloured print surfaces. As it is a much lighter and thinner ink it absorbs into the fabric and therefore a softer feel. Printing into darker garment means the inks wont be quote as vibrant and will take on the shades of the garment itself. That may be what you’re chasing though, as it is popular for that old school retro look, or something a bit more vintage.

Discharge printing is the method of using an additive ink that actually strips out the colour of the garments (imaging your image being bleached out of a black tee), and then we can re-dye that same image with the colour of your choice. This is the best results for the softest outcome. Its hard to correctly match the colours exactly, but we can help guide you 

DTG, or direct to garment, printing is essentially using a big printer to apply your image digitally straight onto the garment. Its perfect for very high colour runs (like photos or similar), or for very small runs to avoid the screen setup fees.

We have a range of fluorescent inks, metallic shimmer inks, and many more options for your project - so we can help you achieve what you need from your print batch. A lot of factors can come into play, so just ask us and we can help guide you to achieve your vision.

We also offer screen print, digital, or vinyl transfers for specific jobs. Not as long lasting as screen printing, but certainly solves a lot of problems with tricky prints - again, we can help guide you here.



We can provide labels and tags for your garments, as well as offer the sewing service to apply them to your items. Get in touch and we can quote the woven or printed tags themselves, and then we can discuss the specifics of your project.

Bagging - we no longer offer this service, as we do not want to add to the plastic waste effect on our environment. We will offer this service again once we have sourced an eco-friendly solution. We hope you understand!

Click here to see pricing for Woven or Printed tags



We love the artwork side of the process! Whether you need a design draw from scratch, or just some help editing the art files you currently have, our in house team can provide everything you need.

We offer a lot of different styles and have a very diverse history and experience base. We’ve done designs for the biggest brands, bands, and businesses in the world - as well as international skateboard and video games companies - let us help you develop some awesome ideas!