Guide to Hats and Caps

We get asked a lot of questions about caps, so here is a bit of a rundown.

If at any stage you need help, please send us an email HERE

If you’re happy to have a read, please continue:

Trucker cap? Baseball cap? Dad hat? Snapback? Veclro? Flexfit? Yupoong?
So many terms which can make it confusing.

Everyone has a different idea regarding the “standard” hat. So when people get in touch because they want their logo on a hat, we often have to figure out what style they actually want and need.

Whats your hat for? Is it for you? Or is this a giveaway hat?

FIRST - The cap Peak.

I always ask people - do you want a flat peak or a curved peak? Fashion and trends change, but most people these days wear curved peak. But what if you wear your hat backwards? Most backward caps wearers prefer flat peak… tough one. But i’m sure you’ll know this answer straight away.

See the most popular curved peak cap HERE.
See the most popular flat peaked cap HERE.

SECOND - The hat Profile or “Depth”.

Is this headwear for you or your team? Or just for general giveaway or sale? You might have a big head like me. So you’d want a deeper high profile hat or cap.

The rule is, the higher the profile,  the deeper the hat.

Low profile means its a more shallow cap. But some caps are mind profile.

There really is an option for everyone available.

Mid profile is the best option if its an event, giveaway, or promotional cap, so you will suit most people.

But thats up to you.

See a high profile cap - the A Frame Yupoong HERE
See a low profile cap - The AS Colour Davie cap HERE
See a mid profile cap - the 6603 Yupoong HERE

THIRD - The material used in the cap.

Do you want a cap that is for general use? Or do you want something that is going to be exposed to the sun often?
Cotton caps are great for general use, but they won’t withstand direct sunlight for as long as a polyester or synthetic material. If you’re wanting a cricket team hat, for example, then you want something that won’t face as quickly.

Are you Vegan? Don’t accidentally choose a wool cap!
Are you from an outdoor sporting club or in outdoor construction? Don’t choose something that  will fade quickly!

Cotton is cheaper, but it fades quicker than polyester or nylon.


FOURTH - The Style.

Construction, trade services, and of course truck driver, love trucker caps like THESE.
Sporting clubs like baseball or cricket prefer something like THESE.
A lot of bands, and of course dads, love dad caps like THESE.

Not sure? If we have a chat, we’ll be able to tell you what to check out.

There is also the “panel” aspect. Most caps are 6 panel or 5 panel. That is referring to how many sections the cap part (without the peak) is made up of.
6 panel caps usually have a join seam running straight down the front middle of the cap.
Whereas the 5 panel usually has a large front panel with no seam.

Did you know, direct embroidery works better on 5 panels? Because there is no seam down the front middle to interfere with the stitching of the logo.

5 panel caps are also great for logo printing, for the same reason.

FIFTH - The fastening at the back.

There are snapback, elastic flex fit backs, velcro options, as well as other adjustable styles.

The Snapback is by far the favourite because the majority of clients don’t know where this hat will end  up, so they want it to have a better chance of fitting. They are the favourite OSFA - One Size Fits All - option.

SIXTH - Budget.

We offer base level items for those on a budget - see our BUDGET RANGE

The mid level range are from AS Colour and you can see them HERE.

The cream of the crop, Australia’s favourite cap, there YUPOONG range can be seen HERE.

Yupoong are also the producers of the FLEXFIT range that you can see HERE.

FINALLY - Putting your logo on the cap or hat!

Direct Embroidery:

The most popular method is direct embroidery of your logo or symbol, straight onto the front of the cap.

We advise people not to go too crazy with detail, because finer details can look less than ordinary.

Direct embroidery is the cheapest option also. Because we take the hat and simply embroider the image.

How to order? Find the hat you like in the menu, use the dropdown box to select embroidery. Upload art. Proceed to checkout. Or you can not upload art, and email it to and proceed to checkout.

Our art team will then be in touch to provide mockups.


We can apply a print to the front of the cap - but only for 5 panel caps - as we need a flat surface with no seam in the way. Print transfers are a guaranteed way to capture high detail or colour gradients.

This is the same price as embroidery.

How to order? Find the hat you like in the menu, use the dropdown box to select print. Upload art. Proceed to checkout. Or you can not upload art, and email it to and proceed to checkout.

Our art team will then be in touch to provide mockups.


Patches are extremely popular and they look awesome. Woven or embroidered patches also allow you to apply really detailed or fine imagery. They are then sewed onto the cap by our in-house seamstress Claire.

Not as cheap a process as the above options, but it is the premium rout.

Patches have a minimum of 50 units however - but you can order 50 patches, 20 caps, and then have the patches sent out as spares or for other uses you may have.

How to order:

1 - Order your patches HERE

2 - Order your cap of choice and also add embroidery option as that covers the fee to sew patch onto the cap.

Whatever kind of cap or hat you need, whatever the style or the purpose you have, we can help you out. 

If you don’t see the headwear you need here,  we have plenty of other sources in the background, so please send us an EMAIL.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via EMAIL or give us a call.

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