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Audio & Video Services

With the incredible advances in audio technology in the past decade, the days of needing to go to an expensive studio to get professional quality audio are a thing of the past. 

We have a fully digital studio setup with a massive library of meticulously sampled studio equipment and outboard gear from the world’s leading audio software developers and producers. This means that you can achieve industry quality audio at a smaller cost, without having to go to a traditional studio. 

Our in-house engineer has over 10 years experience working in a completely “in the box” digital studio environment, and can produce world-class audio for your project. 

If you need audio for a Podcast, Commercial, Audiobook, Film/TV series, On hold service and anything in-between, we can help! 

We also offer audio restoration, mix & master production and even music composing services to ensure that your visual project has not only the best quality audio, but also the impact that it deserves.



Voice over recording

Talking Books, Messages on hold, VR (automated phone menus), Gaming, Dubbing / Narration, Film / TV, Podcasts, Etc.

Audio cleanup / restoration

Dialogue separation from ambient noise- Noise / Artifact removal from recordings
Master / Broadcast Production In addition to recording, If you have recorded your project elsewhere and need it to be finalised for release / broadcast, we can prepare your audio to the correct standard for the platform (Streaming / Radio / TV etc.)

Showreel music creation (ads / features etc.)

We can compose music for your advertisement / featurette or large scale video project to your specifications/ideas in any style you require.



Audio Mix/Master from provided audio
$200 per minute of audio

Soundtrack Creation
$500 per minute of audio

Audio editing (clean up / restoration etc.)
$100 per minute of audio

Podcast Editing & Mastering
$100 per podcast

Dialogue recording with engineer
(Prices include Studio Hire/Voice Recording/ Editing / Mixing / Final Broadcast Master post production performed separately to recording session)
1 hr - $175
90 mins - $250
3hrs - $350
5hrs - $550


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