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Versus Merch Drop Shipping Program

Drop Shipping &Print on Demand Options

Save time, effort, and unwanted additional costs!

Avoid dead stock, guessing what sizes you need, and upfront costs.
We offer two methods:
A) We can print orders on demand and ship to your clients. or;
B) We can store your bulk orders and drop ship upon request.


Want to sell one tee at a time with no hassle?

This example is based on an AS Colour Staple tee with a front print.

You charge your client $40+GST for a tee, plus $10+GST shipping. We charge you $25.95+GST, plus $8+GST shipping.

That leaves you with $16.05 profit, without you having to lift a finger.

Want a different garment? Want more print locations? Contact us for the full pricing document.

This structure assumes you are selling items on your own webstore, and sending us orders by midday monday for that weeks run.

Want us to build a store for you? Let us know for more info.


A lot of companies we work with don't have the space to store boxes of merch, or the time to send out orders to their recipients. To help with this we have a storage and drop ship service. 

This means you place your bulk order as usual, however we then store your items at our warehouse, and ship orders on demand for you. Most companies send through shipping names and addresses fortnightly or monthly with the details on where to send our packs - or we can create a form for you to complete that is submitted directly to our team to make it as easy as possible to get packs shipped. 

At the end of each month we then send you through an invoice to cover the shipping and handling charges, based on using our premium shipping rates so you get the best possibile value for money. 

If you need items bulk shipped to locations for events, that's not a problem either. Just let us know and we can make that happen!
Also, here's some examples of packs that we've done for others recently too: