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Versus Merch Trade Sticker Pricing

Expand your product offering (and revenue!) with Versus Merch trade sticker pricing. 

Through Versus Merch Trade Sticker pricing you or your business can buy custom printed stickers directly from Versus Merch at trade prices, and resell to to your customers at retail prices. 

The process is simple: 

  • Complete the form at the bottom of this page
  • You add stickers as a product offering to your customers
  • You take all orders and payments at retail pricing
  • As orders are placed, you pass the orders to the Versus Merch team
  • Versus Merch completes the order and invoices you at trade prices
  • Versus Merch either sends the sticker order direct to you for distribution, or can blind ship directly to your customers. 
  • Production timeframe is 3 business day dispatch for up to 500 units, and 10 business days for 500 plus units.
  • As an added bonus, for every 10 sticker orders you put through Versus Merch we will do a run of stickers for your business with your logo for free! 

Why are we offering Trade Pricing? 

Much like you, throughout the current pandemic our core business needed to change to survive. In changing the way that we operated, we pivoted to be able to offer all of our customers and partners custom stickers at market leading prices. 

What did we do? We trialled our sales team with the task of value adding stickers as an impulse buy add-on, for every customer. And it worked an absolutely treat! We found that customers loved the option.

So we upped our production capability, because we couldn't keep up with demand. And now? We want to share that with you.

We know that there are many businesses that can use our trade pricing to boost their revenue with minimal effort, so we want to help them out in doing this! 

Who is eligible for Trade pricing? 

At this stage, Versus Merch trade sticker pricing rates are open to any businesses or individuals with printing or promotional operations, creatives spanning all industries, and record labels or stores. 

Not sure if you're eligible, have a chat with our team.

About our stickers and production

Our stickers are produced out of Versus HQ in Melbourne and are made of the highest quality vinyl, are waterproof, and come with UV inks to protect against the sun - Safe in the elements for 3 years!

We have industry leading Roland print and cut equipment all in house, delivering high quality products.

All stickers are hand inspected by our team to ensure that they meet our quality standards, and you get the best possible product, heat shrink wrapped and ready for shipping to Australia or worldwide.

The sticker price includes standard stock only, if you'd like to use clear, metallic, holographic, or laminated vinyl on your order there is a surcharge - please speak with our team.

Your Trade Pricing rates

Below you can find our pricing rates for 50 though to 1,000 stickers. This is the price that you pay for the stickers, however you can sell to your customers at any price-point that you choose. 

 QTY 80mm x 80mm 100mm x 100mm 120mm x 120mm 150mm x 150mm

260mm x 60mm (Bumper Sticker)

50 $36.15 $53.85 $75.38 $115.38 $60.00
100 $55.38 $81.54 $115.38 $176.92 $92.31
250 $120.00 $178.38 $249.23 $384.62 $200.00
500 $192.31 $284.62 $400.00 $615.38 $318.46
750 $270.77 $396.92 $564.62 $864.62 $449.23
1,000 $323.08 $476.92 $676.92 $1038.46 $538.46

Looking for larger runs of stickers? Have a chat with our team for trade pricing 

All pricing is subject to 10% GST and $10 flat rate shipping Australia wide.  

Our recommended retail pricing based on competitive market rates: 

These prices are actually cheaper than most market rates, so if you want to sell for more, go for it! 

The below prices are our RRP excluding GST

How to get access to Versus Merch Trade Pricing

To get access to Versus Merch Trade Pricing, simply complete be below form to provide us with some more information about your business and customer base, and a member of our team will be in touch within one business day to get you up and running! 

Once you are setup, you will have a dedicated Versus Merch team member to help you though any orders, and to create the smoothest possible experience for you and your customers.