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Client Spotlight: Crosdales Barbecue

Crosdales Barbecue is an American inspired low n' slow & live fire BBQ catering business bringing true southern cooking to weddings, parties and corporate events. Brisket, ribs, pulled pork, pit chicken and more are smoked and grilled using the techniques taught by pit masters from coast to coast across the U.S.

After working for over a decade in retail, Russell woke up on day, quit his job, and moved to North America! His passion for cooking and bringing people together over a plate of food led him to working in BBQ restaurants and food trucks in Canada whilst working exploring the US working at various concerts and festivals along the way. Once Russell's Visa expired, he returned to Australia, and as they say... "the rest is history!"


Russell came to us looking to deck out his passion-project-turned-business with some merchandise. He wanted merch that represented the business whilst being appealing to clients and the wider community. Now when you think BBQ, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Well, after smoked meat and BBQ sauce of course, it’s gotta be trucker hats, right!?! 


As you can see, we opted for a direct embroidery straight to the trucker hat. A simple yet effective design, it’s bold, makes a statement, attracts attention, and gets the point across! Russell was stoked with his gear and has been back time and time again to restock and explore other merchandise ideas. He even trusted us so much that when COVID was building up a head of steam, he referred us to his workplace Winning Group. We decked out the whole business with KN95 face masks at the initial outbreak. We like to call this, taking your side hustle to work!


The cornerstone of Versus Merch success is producing the best merch that our clients want and need! But through this process we develop close relationships with clients and they become members of our merchandise community. A community of businesses, big and small, artists, photographers, and musicians, entrepreneurs and just plain ol’ dreamers who think outside of the box!

So, if you're after some quality merchandise from a business that cares, don't hesitate to reach out and join the Versus Merch fam like Russell!



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