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Put your logo on anything!

“We want to do cool things with cool people” - Evan McLellan, Founder and CEO

Starting from a love of providing merchandise for bands, it quickly became apparent that people loved that we went the extra mile for them. Over the last six years we have rapidly grown. Our product range is incredibly diverse, and we have enormous supplier channels - meaning we are sourcing experts.

We’re currently working with all your favourite businesses. Every business needs our service - from sole traders to massive international businesses, through to bands, artists, brands and event curators.

What does Versus Merch do?

We supply you with the Uniforms, Stationary, Signage, Merchandise and Marketing/Promotional items that your business needs!


What does Versus Merch do?

Why work with Versus Merch? 

How Versus Merch can help you!

Uniforms Increase your company's visibility as your team act as living advertisements Workwear, casual wear, hi vis and more
Stationary Have your company visible on objects that people will use Notepads, pens, paper products and more
Signage Put your logo right in people’s eyesight to drive that brand awareness Conference exhibition stands, Office signage, lightboxes, neon lighting and more
Merchandise Sell and flaunt products with your brand on them! Tees, hoodies, hats, beanies,socks, stickers and more
Marketing/Promotional items Drive loyalty and exposure using merchandise to grow your brand Employee rewards and onboarding packs, partner & client gift-giving, conference giveaways, Tote Bags and more

We know you’re busy, so let us take care of all of your branding needs for you!

Why work with Versus Merch?

We provide cost effective, efficient service with high quality results - every time.

We work with all of the brands and items that you know, and trust, and every brand you haven’t thought of yet! Tell us what you want and we’ll get it.

Why go to multiple suppliers when you can just go to one?

Get expert guidance and stand out from the crowd

Our team has years of experience across all aspects of the merchandise, branding, marketing, signage and events industry - and will help you get the best outcomes for your business.

Got a network of customers, clients or partners?

Talk to us about our revenue partnership program. We’ll custom curate a range of products and packages for your audience that you can sell. We’ll process orders and ship directly to the buyer, then send you a percentage of the revenue.


You can contact Versus Merch by mail at: 
Versus Merch Pty Ltd
Po Box 3034
VIC, 3163
Phone: 1800 837 785