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The Versus Merch Team

At Versus Merch, we pride ourselves on being able to provide businesses across the world with the highest quality merchandise solutions, for the best price. 

Our team is comprised of merchandise specialists coming from a range of industries so that we can help all of our clients find the best solution for their business and experience a personalise service to guide them through the process.  

With a leadership team that has over 10 year experience in scaling businesses, and the industry experience within the broader team, Versus Merch is able to make sure that you ALWAYS get the support you need, and make sure you enjoy the process. 

We are here to support you and your needs as a priority.



Evan McLellan

Scott Cooper


Reece Hickey

Chris White

Rob Morris

Paul Bailey

Lee Omond

Stephanie Morris

Joe Giampa

Madi Demamiel