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In-House Merch Photo Packages

Now you’ve got your rad new merch on the way, you need some awesome photos to promote your products, brand, and business!

Whether you’re after some simple e-commerce photos for your web store, styled shots for your socials, or flat lays for all of the above we’ve got you covered.

Once a photo package is purchased, our in-house photography team will take the photos of your items as requested once it completes production, so you don't need to worry about arranging anything once you have your goods in your hands. 

Check out our prices and photo styles below.

We’ll do our best to tailor a package to suit your needs so don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s something else you’re after.

Photo Package Pricing 


1 to 5 Photos - $200+GST (Flat rate)

5 to 9 Photos - $350+GST (Flat rate)

10 to 49 - $33+GST per photo

50 to 99 Photos - $26+GST per photo

100+ Photos - talk to our team for a custom quote

Styles of Photography available

E-Commerce Photos

Your product on a plain white/grey/linen background ideal to show off details of your product for your web store.


Styled Photos

Similar to the E-Commerce shots but more of a focus on your logo/artwork with an interesting and contrasting background to get your product to pop!


Front/Back Paired Photos

Exactly the same as above, but if you have multiple colour ways, or want to show off the front and back in one photo, then this is the option for you!


Flat Lay / Rack Photos

Classic flat lay photos to showcase a wide variety of colours or designs in a single photo.

 Modelled Photos

 Showcase your rad new merch with some modelled photos or a custom social media campaign. Talk to us about how we can help!




To add a photo package onto your merch order, simply respond to the email sent out by our team during your purchase process, or complete the below form and we will be in touch to confirm your shoot!