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Graphic Design Services

Wanting to give your branding a refresh with your next run of merch? Have a chat with our team and take advantage of our graphic design services. We can help to cover all of your design elements - and get it printed on a range of apparel or promotional items at the same time!


Whether it's a logo refresh, a re-design for a limited range of merch or uniforms, or a logo design from scratch - our team has got you covered!

Looking for a custom illustration? Head to our illustration page

At Versus Merch we have a team of in house graphic designers with years of experience in designs for the best outcomes when it comes to merchandise. They work with our customers to help in creating designs that fit your brand and are optimised for your merch range. 
At the end of the process you also walk away with all of the final image files to use on any of the other elements of your business too, such are your website and other online assets.
To learn more about our graphic design services, and how you can access our designers for your next project, simply complete the free quote form below and our team will be in touch to walk you through the process! 

At Versus Merch, we have a team of merchandise specialists to ensure that you are maximising your budget, and can get everything you need from items to sell in your store, so talk to our team and get an obligation free quote today!