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Versus HQ Cyclorama Hire

Looking for a new and cost effective location for your next photoshoot, look no further than Versus HQ!

Booking a cyclorama in Melbourne can be an expensive exercise, but it doesn't need to be. Located in Murrumbeena, Versus HQ ensures creatives in Melbourne's south east have access to the elements they need to pull off an amazing photoshoot - without breaking the bank! 

Introducing the Creative Corner at Versus HQ!

Nestled in the corner of Versus HQ – the warehouse and headquarters of Versus Merch, you’ll find this huge 5m x 5m corner cyclorama that is perfect for photoshoots of all types! 

Versus HQ Cyclorama Description

The uniqueness of this studio is that it is situated within the working Versus Merch warehouse, meaning you are exposed to the vibrant and electric atmosphere!

Versus Merch is a custom apparel and promotional company providing merchandising solutions to a variety of businesses large and small. This means there is a bit of hustle and bustle about the place, however there are no forklifts, so it is 100% safe to wander around and utilise some of the other spaces in the warehouse if you wish.

On Location Amenities include:

    • On Street Parking
    • Ground Floor Access 
    • NBN Wi Fi
    • On Site Coffee Shop
    • Clothes Racks
    • Garment Steamer
    • Power Points
    • Extension Cords

Cyclorama Hire Rates

Full Day – $450 +GST

Bump in From: 9am

Bump out By: 5pm


Half Day – $250 +GST

4-Hour Morning or Afternoon Session

Bump in From: 9am/1pm

Bump out By: 1pm/5pm



What is a Cyclorama? 

A cyclorama, sometimes referred to as a cyc wall, is a curtain or wall background stretched tight in an arc, usually in the back of a stage set or theatre - or photography studio, to create the illusion of unlimited depth.

Cyclorama's became popular in 19th-century German theatre, but a form of the method is still used today. It’s sometimes called a cyc background, cyc wall, or infinity wall. This walled background incorporates one or more curved surfaces. They’re used to make it look like there’s no end. All corners are seamless. If done well, it’s impossible to tell where the floor ends and the wall begins.

In still photography or video production, this helps make your background almost ‘disappear,’ leaving a ton of possibilities for lighting.


What can I use a Cyclorama for? 

Because a cyclorama provides very smooth background, it is very easy for a photographer or videographer to create gradient lighting, or to completely remove the background.

Lighting can be controlled so the background appear light or dark. When lit evenly, the smooth surface, even as it goes around the corner of a studio, can provide an “infinity effect” — an endless space behind the subject matter.

Cyc-wall can be used for e-commerce, catalogue, fashion or any other style of photography. Because of its apparent infinite depth, it helps to drag attention to the model or product you’re shooting, without distinctive background or wall-floor corners.