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Clipboard Partners with Versus Merch

Versus Merch are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Clipboard, the world's first professional networking platform for the hospitality community, to provide their members with access to high quality hospitality supplies, uniforms, promotional materials at a discounted price. 

Operating any business within the hospitality industry can be challenging leaving owners and managers with little to no time to chase up the small but critical elements of their business such as uniforms, promotional materials and general branded supplies. 

The partnership between Clipboard and Versus Merch is set to simplify the way that hospitality businesses order any branded materials. Owners and managers will no longer need to find suppliers for specific items, through the Clipboard shopfront they can find all of the items they need from the brands they trust. From Glassware, to Chef’s uniforms, front of house uniforms, signage, promotional items, and everything in between - we’ve got everything covered, and at discounted prices. 

Clipboard are evolving the way the hospitality world connects and communicates, all while creating better opportunities.Their unique approach to streamlined management, information-sharing and support looks after the diverse needs of the hospitality sector, and all of those that work within it. 

Any hospitality business, member or affiliate of Clipboard can access the benefits of this partnership, which includes discounted pricing, exclusive product offering, customised package deals and much more.

We hope that this partnership will help to change the way that business owners and managers manage their branding so that they can focus on what they do best! 

To learn more about a selection of the full range of products being offered to Clipboard members and affiliates, head over to the Clipboard Merch Hub.

If you would like to explore setting up a similar partnership arrangement for your partners or affiliates, get in touch with our team for a chat.