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Custom Labels

Level up your merch with custom labels and tags. Printing and embroidery are only the beginning when it comes to making merch your own!

Check out some of the work we’ve done with goHARDson in bringing their custom merchandise dreams to life!

Woven Tags

Custom woven tags are an under-utilised piece of cutomisation that have SO many uses on your new merchandise! Replace the neck tags on the collar of tees, hoodies, and crews or use them as a pip label to wrap the sleeve or hem of tee shirts and polos. Woven tags can also be used as a patch for hats, beanies, or collared shirts. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Swing Tags

An increasingly popular option for many of our clients are the addition of swing tags to custom merch. These offer an opportunity for clients to put branding, barcodes, clothing information on a neat, hole-punched tag that can be attached to the garment by a snap loop or lock pin string.


If you’d like to apply your new woven tags to any of your garments you can sew/stitch them on yourself or talk to our merchandise specialists about our in-house sewing service. For an additional fee we take away all of the hassle and supply your merch stitched, sewed, re-tagged, and bagged. What more could you want!?


Woven Tags
Minimum Order: 100 Units per design
Production Timeframe: 7-10 Business Days
Dimensions: Custom

100+ Units at $2.20 Each
250+ Units at $1.20 Each
500+ Units at $0.80 Each
1000+ Units at $0.60 Each
+ GST & Freight

Click Here to Order Custom Woven Tags


Re-tagging can be done on almost ALL of the garments we offer at Versus Merch from all of our suppliers. Tees, hoodies, crews, and long sleeves just to name a few. Check out more of the links below to check pricing and order your next merch run!

Click any of the following for links to t-shirts, hoodiesbeanies, and hats.

Embroidered Patches

Finally, if you've got something a little more heavy duty in mind, explore our premium heavy duty embroidered patches HERE.