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Client Spotlight: The EJ Isolation Sessions

Spotlight - The EJ Isolation Sessions

2020 has been like a branch thrown into the spokes of so many peoples livelihoods, and we've seen some of our clients adapt in amazing ways to overcome the halt of their usual day to day.

Our Community pre-order program has been increasingly successful for a lot of clients, as a way to sell more merch, or in some cases - to start selling merch for the first time!

The program heavily reduces the up front cost of merch orders and avoids dead stock - we even handle the delivery of the items to your customers so you don't have to!

Today we're telling Dave's story around his live-streaming program 'The EJ Isolation Sessions' and how he sold a bunch of merch with us!

Tell us your story Dave!

I’m a Melbourne based singer songwriter. With the recent pandemic and subsequent restrictions that came into play, all my work vanished, overnight.

Gigs and tours, out the window with the prospect of not being able to perform live in venues, indefinitely.

So, I chose to join the world of live-streaming and thought I’d approach it with a different angle- that being a livestream from the back seat of my 1963 EJ Holden. 

I hadn’t planned beyond one performance however it soon became apparent that there was an interested audience, keen to interact.

Since March I’ve done over fifteen livestreams from the EJ and the performances are known as THE EJ ISOLATION SESSIONS. 

The versus/pre-order program was a perfect solution for me. I was able to generate a lot of interest (sharing the web page supplied by Versus via my socials etc), the on line ordering was a breeze and ultimately the result was a campaign that exceeded my expectations, resulting in two pre-order runs. Importantly, I was able to generate this great line of merchandise, without any upfront costs.

To find out more about me, my music and the EJ ISOLATION SESSIONS livestream simply visit OR

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