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Enamel Lapel Pins

Enamel Lapel Pins

We can print your image or logo onto these popular items - enamel lapel pins.
Made from a zinc alloy, these pins are an awesome gift or promo idea, and are of high quality. 

They can be made to any custom shape and have a military style clasp at the back for attaching to coat lapels, jackets, bags or more.

A great collectible item too!

There are two finishes available:

Hard Enamel:

This is a smooth finish that allows us to print high levels of detail or gradients onto the pins.

Soft Enamel:

This is an embossed finish that holds the texture of your design - but please note that this does not allow super fine details to remain. Better fold bolder designs.

Turnaround time: Approx 12-15 business days
Minimum order: 100 units per design
Size: Custom up to 35x35mm
Shape: Custom
Colours: Custom
Code: VS_FB

Pricing is assuming they fit into a maximum 35x35mm area - 30x30mm is the most popular average size.

Soft Enamel Pins:

You can feel the design as it is moulded the to the shape of the image.

100+ at $4.09 each

250+ at $2.79 each

500+ at $2.14 each

1000+ at $1.71 each

+GST and freight

Hard Enamel Pins:

The image is printed and overlaid with an epoxy resin to give it a smooth and strong finish.

100+ at $4.21 each

250+ at $3.00 each

500+ at $2.29 each

1000+ at $1.79 each

+GST and freight

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Backing Cards:

An easy fix! As you may already know we print business cards too. Most clients will order a batch of business cards with a custom design to suit the pin backing and we can also punch holds in the middle of them for your pin to sit in and be displayed in a much more retail-like manner.

Need backing cards for your pins? CLICK HERE to see business card pricing.

These are the go to item for fundraising events or awareness days. Anzac Day, Cancer Awareness, Rotary Clubs, and many other leading fundraisers have been using them for years and years.

By far, the most common client to approach us for enamel pins, is independent artists and illustrators. Such a great way to bring their characters and designs to life. And their audiences love to collect them each time they release a new one!

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