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Face Tube Bandana

Face Tube Shield Mask


These face tube mask are made of a breathable polyester and can be printed all over in any custom design you want, via sublimation printing.

Face Tube Bandanas are a useful item that doubles as a printed marketing method.

Popular with construction workers to block out dust, fisherman to block out the wind, and winter sports like snowboarding or skiing to block out the cold.

Polyester bandana face masks details below.

Production Turnaround time: 12-15 business days
Item code: VS_EK
Size: OSFA (One size fits all)


50+ $9.20 each
100+ $7.50 each
250+ $6.50 each
500+ $5.90 each
+GST and freight

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These are a multifaceted items that can be used in numerous ways:

Headband, Buff, Masks, Beanies, Balaclava, Sahara Hat, Helmet Liner, Scarf, Sunshade, Wristband, and more.

Who have we supplied these to? Here are some prime examples.

Our countries coast is littered with fishing communities and towns, and they almost all have fishing clubs or charter tour operators. Sitting out there on a boat with the wind blasting your face can potentially cause a lot of wind burn. The other problem being on a sunny day, with the sun reflected off the water and straight back up into your face - so these face bandanas help to shield those effects and protect you while you pursue the next big catch.

In a similar vein, is our snow sport loving clubs and communities. Hitting the slopes without protection from wind and reflective glare are the same problems they have, but throw in the cold? No good. These items have been used by our ski and snowboarding clubs for a long time, and they keep coming back for more.

Construction workers are another big demographic. Out on the road all day in the sun, wind, and dust, can be a killer. So this is an awesome solution for those out there doing the hard yards!

Cyclists find these a handy item to have at their disposal as well, along with countless other outdoor enthusiasts. So don't sleep and get some sorted! Also such a low price point, means that they make a great gift idea too.

Get some custom Bandanas ordered today!

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