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Wall Art Decals

Wall Art Decals

Versus Merch crew members are made up of illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers. We all have a love for artwork and imagery, so we are especially happy to be able to offer services to help your office or workspace more visually appealing.

Do you have your own art ready to go? Or maybe you need our help to design something that really brightens up a room or adds a new buzzing energy into the place. A happy exciting vibe in the workplace will only add to productivity.

We can take the design and supply high quality vinyl decals and our expert team of installers can fit them wherever you like!

Using high quality and durable vinyl, this is the cheaper and no fuss way to apply beautiful and interesting artwork to your walls. Commercial wall spaces don't have to be drab and boring. Let's liven it up for you!

Pricing is based on the area coverage required so this is strictly something we must quote on a job by job basis.

So get in touch and we can talk through the ideas and process with you, and then  get the ball rolling!

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Tech Companies and Startup offices are amongst our most regular customers for Wall Art Vinyl applications. GO1 is an Australian based e-learning company that operates worldwide. They are always at the forefront where it comes to specialist promotional items and merchandise, and their workplace art is no exception.

We recently fitted a large 6 meter wide decal that was designed by us, and it really brought their break room to life! They are no strangers to interesting and fresh ideas and outlooks - we can help you do the same!

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