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Construction & Trade Uniforms, Workwear and Hi Vis

For those working in the construction industry or as tradies, having the right workwear or uniform is not just about looking good on the job, it's also about staying safe and being compliant with workplace health and safety regulations too! 

It's important to stay both safe and comfortable while on the job site, no matter how big or small the project. With our extensive range of traditional style work wear, as well as our range of hi vis options - you can stay safe and compliant, all while having your brand printed onto your gear.
We know it can be challenging chasing around multiple companies when getting your uniforms and your PPE - but not with Versus Merch. We've got you covered for all of your worksite needs from uniforms to hi vis and even your must have PPE items. 
This even includes all of your Rail and VicRoads regulation items! 

At Versus Merch, we have a team of workwear specialists on hand to ensure that you are maximising your budget, and can provide everything from uniforms, hi vis and PPE for your team, as well as signage, banners, casual wear, promotional items and much more! 


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Talk to our team as we can assist with all of your supply needs through one single contact point. This includes: 

Making sure you have high quality workwear is critical for anyone stepping onto a job site, or who spends their days on the tools. You want high quality workwear that is tough and durable, feels good to wear, and keeps you safe. At Versus Merch we can provide you with a wide range of workwear options spanning all of your favourite brands including Bisley, JB's Wear, Legend Life and many more! 
We stock all of your favourite brands, so you can get the uniforms that your team wants, and needs to perform at their best - all with your logo printed on them.

Hi Vis & PPE

Having the right Hi Vis workwear available for your team not only keeps your team safe, but keeps you compliant on any job site you might visit. Through Versus Merch you get access to EVERY type of Hi Vis workwear that you need in Australia including those types to meet NSW Rail and VidRoads standards - all with your business branding on each item! 

We also have an extensive range of PPE available including eyewear, headwear, ear protection, gloves and much more!

Signage & Vehicle Wraps
Ensuring that you have your business branding on point is critical for anyone in the hospitality industry. Whether it's internal signage and branding on walls or tables, or shopfront and event branding, we've got all your needs covered. 
Our team specialise in neon signage, backlit light boxes, green walls, shopfront decals and awnings, and all of your event marquees and portable banners. We can even look after all of your vehicle wraps to make sure that everyone knows who you are when you roll onto your next job site.