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Events, Conferences & Trade Shows

When you are attending events, conferences and trade shows as a  business you want to ensure that your brand is represented clearly and correctly, you can showcase your offering without confusion, and that attendees can easily spot your business amongst a sea of other vendors vying for attention. 

The easiest way to ensure that you stand out from the crowd and encourage people to come and speak with your team is to have a well designed and branded booth that clearly conveys your value proposition. 

At Versus Merch, we had a team of merchandise specialists on hand to ensure that you are maximising your space at any event, as well as investing in a booth or stand that will encourage attendees to approach your team. 

 Trade show/Conference Booths

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Talk to us early in your planning process as we can assist with the full process around how you will be represented at any trade show. This includes: 

Location Optimisation
When preparing to attend any event, conference or trade show you will be offered a range of locations on the site to purchase for your booth. These will vary in price, however knowing how to maximise each space can result in huge cost savings, and a drastic difference in the amount of leads you generate. 
This also includes the ability to create to maximise on drawing people to your stand by utilising tall standing banners, multi sided entry points, and booth component arrangement.

Stand/Booth Optimisation
Once your location is secured and we have worked out the basic structure of your booth, we can work with you to ensure that all areas within your booth are set up to be as engaging as possible. 
When thinking about engagement we want to ensure that your value proposition is clearly conveyed and consisted, throughout the booth - and aligned with your marketing materials, and that you are providing an immersive experience around your brand. 

Promotional Materials/Giveaways
One of the key draw cards at any conference or trade show is the giveaway or things that you are offering to draw people into your booth. At Versus Merch, we are specialists in being able to provide you with a wide selection of promotional giveaway items that will make you stand out from the pack, and have people scrambling to get to your stand for a chat - and to claim your giveaway. 
Whether it's setting up a coffee cart at your stand, custom swag, branded promotional items, or anything else you can think of - we've got you covered, and for the best prices you'll find!