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Gyms, Fitness Centres and Wellness Studios

When it comes to Gyms, Fitness Centres and Wellness Studios, branding is a key factor in attracting new member - as well as making sure that you are keeping your current member base is engaged and supporting your business. At Versus Merch we can help you level up your branding, as well as working with you to create merch packs your members will love!
The Versus Merch team are experts when it comes to crafting member packs for businesses of all types that help to drive new member signups, and ensure your current members are representing your brand in the community.

Spanning all types of gyms and wellness centres, we've worked alongside gyms, yoga studios, pilates studios, health clubs, wellness centres and retreats such as Paradise Fitness, Spartans Gym, Iron Revolution, Hammer and Nail and many more! 
We also partner with Masters League to make sure all their members and events have great performance and member gear!
Creating a great brand and member merch packs can really help to boost your signup numbers, and retain your current members. Our team can work with you to make sure you find the right items for your members covering everything from the items to go into new member packs - including bags, shirts or hoodies, towels, keyrings, stickers, drink bottles and more. 
Not sure how to set up a merch range or packs for your members? We have a team of merchandise specialists on hand to ensure that you are getting all of the products that you need, that you are bundling your services with merch in the most efficient ways, and are maximising your the return on any spend!  We even have some packages designed specifically for sports clubs containing some of our most popular items to help you get what you need in the easiest way possible.

Popular Gym and Fitness centre merch items

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Gym and Fitness Centre Packages

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Gym/Centre and Event Signage

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Talk to our team so that we can help you out with all of the custom branded merch you need for your gym or centre. This includes: 

New Member Packs

A really easy way to help get your brand into the community and attract new members is with a well curated new member pack. You can bundle the cost of the packs into the membership fees (generally less than $30 per pack) to cover your costs, but you're guaranteed to have your new members showing their new pack to their friends - and posting on social media, resulting in exposure to new audiences. 

New member packs can be hand curated to suit your members, and can be adapted to suit any budget:

Want to do something really cool with a backpack and training gear? we can do that!

Want to keep it really simple with keyring and a sticker? we can do that too! 

Just let us know what you're looking for and we can make it happen! 

Bags, Accessories and Member Packs

it's the little extras that make the difference! Having a nice range of add on product can be a nice way to generate some extra sales, but also is great for getting your brand out there. 

We can put your club logo on anything, so talk to our team today to learn more about our t-shirts, hoodies, hats, jackets, beanies, stickers, bags, cooler bags, key rings, and more! 

Signage and Events
When it comes to your signage signage, both permanent and on event day, we can help there too. Neon signs, banners, branded fence mesh, A-Frames, Marquees, decals for your walls - we can do it all!