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Why is a base Screen Print needed sometimes?

Why is a Screen Print Base needed sometimes?

Quite often, people ask us to print coloured inks onto dark coloured garments.

There is a technical issue that can occur in this situation, that we find frequently needs explaining.

Here is an example.

You just want a nice bright red star to be Screen Printed.

Why is there are charge for 2 screens? 

That is because we need to print a white base underneath coloured inks when printed onto Dark Coloured Garments.

See the diagram below

1. How you want your screen print to look.

2. How it will look with no white base.

3. What we need to do, to achieve the desired result.

Print a base of white, and then the layer of red.

We can print with no base if you desire.

It will reduce your job back to a one colour cost - however the result will not be as bright as the digital mockup.

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