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Band Merch

Band Merch

When Versus Merch kicked off in 2013, it was off the back of the local band scene in Australia. We started with providing Punk Bands, Metal Bands, and Hip hop/Rap groups with custom printed t-shirts, stickers, hoodies, and hats to sell at their merch desks at shows.

Since then we have gone on to supply merchandise for some of the biggest bands in the world underground scene, as well as many popular bands and artists.

Some of our favourites have include old school legends like 28 Days, Area 7, The Porkers, right through to world class acts like Sick of it All, DRI, Integrity, Crowbar, and more.

We have delivered merch Australia and Worldwide, so we can make sure your gear reaches you anywhere - we can even send to venues ahead of time if you need.

We also specialise in providing design and illustration work too, so we can supply everything from design right through to the end product screen printing.

When it comes to bands, and tour merch, we know our stuff.

We can recommend popular size breakdowns, the most popular brands today, and also help you with budgets. We know how hard it is to be in bands, we've been in bands for years too.

So we do what we can to help with giving you products that are not only awesome quality, but budget friendly to maximise what you earn at the merch desk.

We can help with thousands of options, the most popular being

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Another Idea we have set up is a merch preorder function, so that you can sell you gear to your fans on our page, to lower, or hopefully cover, the cost of you order in advance! Talk with us to find out more about our Community Page